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Associate Professor

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Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University

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Feel free to contact me at:

cook [at] imc.hokudai.ac.jp

Undergraduate Teaching

My teaching interests revolve around classes in social anthropology and social theory as well as courses that focus on contemporary Japanese society. I have previously taught classes that include a ‘Graduate Seminar in Social Anthropology’, ‘An Introduction to Health and Illness in Contemporary Japan’, ‘Ethnographies of Japan’, and ‘Gender in Postwar Japan’.

For information about the courses being taught (not all of them are taught each year) please check out the separate teaching pages listed on the left-hand menu for detailed information and the weekly schedule of the classes.


2013-07-21 11.38.08

Hitsujigaoka, Sapporo

Although William S. Clark stated ‘Boys Be Ambitous’, thankfully the gender-equal ‘Be Ambitious’ is now used by Hokkaido University.