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Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University

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cook [at] imc.hokudai.ac.jp



Edited Books

Peer Reviewed Articles (Double-Blind)

Book Chapters

  • 2012. ‘Still a Child? Liminality and the Construction of Youthful Masculinities in Japan’ in Brison, K. and S. Dewey (eds.). Super Girls, Gangstas, Freeters, and Xenomaniacs: Gender and Modernity in Youth Cultures. Syracuse University Press, Pp. 58-81.
  • Under review ‘”I’m Not a ‘Real’ Freeter”: Aspiration and Non-Regular Labour in Japan’, in Huiyan Fu and Arne L. Kalleberg (eds.) Temps and Giggers: The Changing World of Work in China and Japan.

Blogs & Book Reviews (Invited)


  • 2017 (with Andrea De Antoni). ‘Feeling (in) Japan: Affective, Sensory and Material Entanglements in the Field’. EAJS Bulletin 88: 55-57.
  • 2016. 「食物アレルギー対応が広がるには何が必要?/システムと文化の視点から」NPO法人アトピッ子地球の子ネットワーク アレルギー相談をテーマにした:第3回事例検討報告集. Pp. 71-72.
  • 2010. ‘Jyuujitsu shita ikikata wo suru tame ni furiitaa ga motomeru mono’ in Kamizono Dai San Gou Heisei 22 Nen 5 Gatsu, Meiji Jingu Kokusai Shinto Bunka Kenkyuujou. [“Freeters’ Search for a Fulfilling Lifestyle” (Translated by Ito Moriyasu) in ‘Kamizono’ Journal of the Meiji Jingu Research Institute, No 3 May 2010)]


In Preparation

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles & Book Chapters:

  • ‘Broken Bodies: Precarious Labour in Contemporary Japan’ to be submitted to Cultural Anthropology
  • ‘Embodied Memory and Affective Imagination: Food Allergy Experiences in Japan and the UK’ to be submitted to HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory.
  • “When Food is ‘Dangerous’: Navigating Food Allergies, Emotions and the Body” to be submitted to Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness



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